Impianti Spa: from System Integration to Sales Outsourcing

Impianti SpA is the reference partner for telecommunications operators: Large Enterprise and Public Administration

Impianti Spa: from System Integration to Sales Outsourcing


IMPIANTI® S.p.A. is an infrastructural "System Integrator" in the ICT field with a strong connotation towards the Business Development of innovative solutions.

In fact, our core business is the design, supply, construction, and maintenance of infrastructures in which the convergence of Voice / Data / Video services are key elements of our customer's requirements.

In the competitive scenario, IMPIANTI® S.p.A. places its distinctive character in the portfolio of customized solutions. The particular and continuous updating, supported by specific skills, are able to guarantee the customer in the choice of the most innovative technologies but at the same time reliable and performing.  

Business Unit

managed service provider

Managed Service Provider

Cloud, wireless, security, VoIP and video surveillance "SaaS" video communication solutions

Business Developer and System Integrator 

Research and exclusive resale of international brands are the core of the Business Developer's activity. As well as the creation and implementation of Brand Awareness of Italian brands in international market. The in-depth knowledge and strategies studied ad hoc, make possible a rapid diffusion of products within the market.

Sale Outsourcer

Active in the development of brand awareness of Italian companies in international markets and in the development of exclusive resale channels of international brands within the Italian market

Sales Outsourcing

Today, from customer satisfaction comes a new mission: to speed up the spread of the best solutions in the Italian market, acting as Sales Outsourcer for new and visionary global vendors. The outsourced sales teams are composed of senior accounts well known to the target audience and ready to start, to produce better sales results from day one.

The focus is on the strategy of approaching the market and then quickly moving on to execution. Unlike most of the outsourcing sales services, Impianti SpA takes care of the business plan and takes care of the whole execution, providing the following services: 

  • Development and implementation of the strategic sales plan
  • Identification of the reference markets with presentation to decision makers
  • Identification and introduction to appropriate partners and sales channels
  • Creation and implementation of B2B lead generation and sales activities designed to engage potential customers and partners
  • Design and implementation of corporate events and marketing programs
  • Support to the creation of a commercial presence in Italy

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